We walked off the job for Equal Pay

We walked off the job for Equal Pay


We are living in a very delicate historical moment in our political and economic life. On that day of reflection and to redeem women’s dignity and to vindicate our rights for equal pay, justice and fairness, educators at Casuarina Childcare Centre participated in the national action by walking off the job at 3:20pm.

The Walk off the Job for equal pay gave us the opportunity to exercise the power of the union, the power for change and the power to liberate women from social injustice. We were so proud to be the protagonists of our own history and our own choices. Our Big Steps campaign in challenging politicians in the decision making process for equal pay and better funding for the early childhood education and care sector is pivotal as we fight for equal rights.

Our decision to participate in the national action and walk off the job for equal pay has inspired many others and is making a huge impact nationwide.

Women in the past fought for many rights we benefit today and we pay homage to victories earnt in the past and the legacy which was left for us to continue to achieve social and political rights. Social movements such as demonstrations and strikes are a powerful and essential tool to pursue.

We won’t be silenced... our voices will continue to echo till we achieve our dreams. We will continue to fight for dignity and equal pay and we will never allow ourselves to be overcome by obstacles that governments and society imposes on us.

We will work in unity and speak up, react and denounce injustice, inequality and unfairness in the early childhood sector. Casuarina Childcare Centre educators aim to be a shining light to others by being proactive, to provide insight and thinking and reflection to inspire others to follow.

Together under the United Voice banner we’re are “building” momentum towards one of the biggest fights of our time. As continuous campaign and action, educators at Casuarina Childcare Centre wear the BigSteps T-shirt every Wednesday, a powerful silent statement that we are here and will not stop until Justice, Equity and Fairness is resolved within the EC Sector.

By Alice, Early Educator, Member and Branch Councillor