Wage Theft

Wage Theft


“It is appalling that some employers are getting away with wage theft" says Erina Early, Branch Secretary United Voice NT.

“The current system promotes wage theft on workers as the current industrial framework provides the opportunity for some employers to ‘see what they can get away with.

“Our Union will work tirelessly to ensure that our members’ wages and entitlements are not stolen from them as our members work hard for their money”.

United Voice NT believes the Territory and Federal Government should take immediate action to stop this exploitation of workers. “Wage theft is illegal and United Voice members will not stand for employers taking advantage of the vulnerability of workers”. The $423,980 regained by United Voice for its members has been for workers in aged care, cleaning, mining, hospitality, firies, public service, Aboriginal health, councils and shires, and security.

If you think you may not be getting paid correctly - please contact Member Assist via email: nt@unitedvoice.org.au or call (08) 8924 4700