Statement attributable to Erina Early, NT Branch Secretary, United Voice: Yesterday the Union, the Commissioner for Corrections and the Minister met to discuss the current impasse with the Correctional Officers... Read more

What's One Mob?

One Mob is us - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander union members in the Northern Territory, fighting for jobs we can count on.  Read more

The Flag on Anzac Day

United Voice member Catherine campaigned for the Aboriginal Flag to be flown on Anzac Hill in Alice Springs - and won. Read more

NT Notice of Elections

UNITED VOICE NORTHERN TERRITORY BRANCH Notice of Elections For a nomination form, click here. Read more

Red Alert: our ambulance service in crisis

The Northern Territory ambulance service is privately run. It’s one of just two privately run ambulance services in the whole country. We know that in every other state with public ambulance... Read more

Wage Theft

“It is appalling that some employers are getting away with wage theft" says Erina Early, Branch Secretary United Voice NT. Read more

Paramedic of the year 2017

Caitlin grew up on a dairy farm in country Victoria, she started her career as a paramedic with Ambulance Victoria in beautiful Gippsland. Read more

Walking off the war within

Back in April 15 2014, Nathan “The Mule” Shanahan started his 400km walk carrying 25kg to raise money and awareness for his chosen charity Soldier On. He was Walking Off... Read more

We walked off the job for Equal Pay

We are living in a very delicate historical moment in our political and economic life. On that day of reflection and to redeem women’s dignity and to vindicate our rights... Read more

Australia Day Honours - Keith Hutton

Alice Springs fire fighter delegate Keith Hutton was recognised in this year’s Australia Day Honours. He was awarded the Emergency Service Medal. Keith has been a passionate volunteer with the... Read more