Firefighters win new Agreement

Firefighters win new Agreement

Firefighters win after long-running negotiations

In December, 2016, we saw the final stage in our fight for a fair offer from the NT Government. The Honourable Michael Gunner was true to his word and resolved the bitter dispute with NT Firefighters.


The previous CLP government, had delayed at every step, dragging out negotiations with NT Firefighters for over three years. During these drawn-out negotiations, management positions changed frequently. The CLP government was heavy-handed and attacked what they thought was a vulnerable government agency. They didn’t count on the patience and unity within the fire service.

They joked that we could wait for an election and ‘roll the dice’. So we did. The government of the CLP was annihilated, only holding on to two seats. We won.

After 3 years of disrespect and deceit from successive CLP ministers, the result was bitter sweet. The NTFRS is still one of the lowest paid and undervalued services in Australia. When the Government weakens essential services it is the community that suffers.