The Flag on Anzac Day

The Flag on Anzac Day

United Voice member Catherine campaigned for the Aboriginal Flag to be flown on Anzac Hill in Alice Springs - and won.


United Voice Organiser Wayne Kurnorth with members Darrelle Winsor and Catherine Satour


What does an average day there look like? Being out in the Community and at Congress events talking about our services and what we offer, talking about the importance of Membership and how it strengthens our communication and engagement. A strong membership allows us to continue to deliver a high-quality primary health care service to our community. I am lucky as my role is within the communications team - I'm a Membership and Client Engagement Officer - so I get to be out in our community, which I really enjoy!

How many hours do you work? This varies as I am employed by Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, and I am also an Elected Member of the Alice Springs Town Council. It really depends on Committee and Council Meetings scheduled, but I do have some really long days.

What are some of the challenges at work? I am constantly balancing all commitments, but I always put my children first.

What is rewarding about your work? Community engagement - I enjoy talking to people and hearing their experiences and see how in my role I can provide assistance. Also, I completed a Diploma in Leadership and Management and am now interested in further Leadership and Governance skill building training opportunities.  Additionally in my role as an Elected Member, and with support from my community. I was successful in allowing the Aboriginal Flag to fly on Anzac Hill; this milestone win will be celebrated with a first flag raising ceremony that our community is really looking forward to.

Why did you join the union? Wayne was visiting our office and spoke about the benefits of joining United Voice and then becoming part of the Indigenous union network, One Mob Union NT, and I felt it was important to support an organisation which works towards improving many aspects of the Aboriginal workforce.

Why should other people join? Because you never know when you will need the support of your union in relation to your employment.

Stand with Catherine as a member of United Voice and be part of the Unions NT branch of the First Nations Workers Alliance. It's only if we stand together that we can win jobs you can count on for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.